26 de diciembre Foundation and REDI

Transparent: give visibility to the labor barriers of the trans collective.

An installation of 15 transparent chairs with a name and waiting time to draw the attention of companies, institutions and society

Transparent is an initiative that seeks to make the barriers of social and labor insertion of the trans collective in Spain visible and help encourage their hiring. This emblematic project has been developed by 32 volunteers from the LLYC Foundation in Madrid and Barcelona.

The LLYC Foundation, in collaboration with REDI (Business Network for Diversity and LGTBI Inclusion), designed the Transparent campaign for the Ámbar Project of the 26 de Diciembre Foundation, which aims to tackle the high unemployment rates of the trans community.

Transparent arises from the brave and valuable collaboration of a group of 15 people who have suffered first-hand job rejection because of their trans identity and who have decided to tell their story to stop being transparent to the employment market.

The initiative materialized with an installation made up of 15 transparent chairs that represents the personal challenge of each trans person in the search for employment and that was symbolically located in front of an employment office, in Plaza Pablo Ruiz Picasso in Madrid, to raise the business sector’s awareness on the value of having diverse work environments. Each of the chairs had the name of one of the participants engraved on them and the amount of time they had been unemployed to express that the figures hide stories and that their unemployment situation tends to last for many years, suffering discrimination and exclusion along the way.

It is estimated that 80% of people with trans identities in Spain are unemployed. In their job search process, 42% claim to have received a discriminatory treatment. Furthermore, 86.6% of the LGTBI collective consider it necessary to hide their sexual orientation and/or gender identity in a job interview.

This project has been designed with three main objectives:

-Give visibility to the barriers of the socio-labor insertion of the trans collective in Spain and raise awareness about the serious consequences of this reality.

-Add value to diverse work environments, based on open and inclusive cultures that favor the well-being and development of all employees.

-Invite companies to facilitate the access of people with trans identities to the corporate world and encourage their actual hiring.

Click here to see the campaign video.

Transparent was awarded as one of the 100 best ideas of the year by the Actualidad Económica supplement distributed with the newspaper EL MUNDO. It has also been awarded in the social category of the Impacte Awards of the Association of Marketing and Communication of Catalonia; and in the communication category of the AEF Awards of the Spanish Association of Foundations.

In addition, we held an employment workshop at the facilities of 26 de Diciembre Foundation, aimed at the 15 participants in the Transparent Project. The content of the workshop focused on how to structure a CV, how to face a job interview and the best channels for job search.

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