LLYC Foundation

Our story

Since the creation of LLYC in 1995, the firm has been committed to society. But in 1016 we took a step forward and brought to life a project that combines the support and dreams of everyone who forms part of the firm: the LLYC Foundation.

But we didn’t start from zero, we had a long way to go with the support initiatives that LLYC had carried out  in the years before. Furthermore, we joined forces incorporating a Dreamtellers Foundation, promoted by Impossible Tellers, a company that became part of LLYC. The LLYC Foundation intends not only to continue its legacy, but also to boost its contribution to society and strengthen its commitment.

Over the last few years, the LLYC Foundation has achieved very positive results in terms of social impact, number of volunteers and projects and initiatives launched.

Results 2022

Who are we?

The LLYC Foundation operates in the 16 offices of the Firm thanks to the involvement and enthusiasm of its employees, that look to generate a positive impact in their projects with their dreams and knowledge. 

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