How we help other entities

From the LLYC Foundation we put the time and knowledge of our professionals at the service of the NGOs, Foundations or Non-Profit Organisations with who we collaborate and call our “social partners”.

We do this through a corporate volunteering programme called “1+1”, according to which, for every hour of free time dedicated by the volunteer to a support project, LLYC gives another hour of their working day. Consequently, this is why  we do not make financial donations or sponsorships. Only LLYC employees can be volunteers.

The Foundation is not the communication office of any entity with which we collaborate. Our contribution is based on specific projects with specific causes and for a specific period of time.

Characteristics to be a social partner

There are several points that need to be fulfilled in order to sign a collaboration agreement with the LLYC Foundation and take a project forward:

  • That it is in line with the causes and collectives with which we 
  • we collaborate with.
  • That it is addressed to the final recipient. 
  • That it fits in with the Foundation’s vision and approach.
  • That it has the approval of the Board of Trustees.
  • That it has volunteers who want to join the project.
  • That the project is time-bound.

Who can be beneficiaries

From LLYC Foundation, we collaborate with Foundations, ONGs and nonprofit Entities that support the same groups and causes as us. 

Furthermore,  we prioritize these projects that are in countries where we have our offices, as it allows us to adapt to the local realities of each region.

Do you need help?