To spread causes and tell the stories of dreamers who help change the world through the talent, experience and commitment of the LLYC Group and its professionals.


To be a Foundation that is committed to adding value to the environment in which it operates and generating awareness of solidarity in companies and institutions.


The LLYC Foundation is governed by the values of Ethics, Transparency, Solidarity, Commitment and Talent.

Our commitment

In the 21st century, we understand that our corporate responsibility is not only to generate economic value, but at the same time to contribute to long-term and sustainable social value. We must take the initiative and make a difference.

The involvement of LLYC employees, through their enthusiasm and knowledge, is essential to generate a positive impact on projects. For this reason, the LLYC Foundation offers the possibility of participating in them to all Group employees as volunteers.

Thus, LLYC supports the Foundation’s activity by making an annual contribution of up to 0.7% of its income in volunteer hours, to which will be added the individual and voluntary contributions of employees and collaborators, with the intention of continuing to grow.

In addition, the Group’s international scope allows it to promote different projects in the countries where it is present, adapting to local realities.

Ejes de actuación

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