Building a better world from the company

(Español) Patronato

José Antonio Llorente

“The contribution to society is the basis of the success of a business”

Alejandro Romero

Board member
"Developing a solid business and helping to build a better world are the ingredients for success"

María Esteve

Board member
"We have the responsibility and the desire to put our knowledge at the service of the world we inhabit and its well-being."

Carlos LLanos

Board member
"Talent and expertise devoted convincingly to enhancing the potential of others or improving their environments."

Francisco Aylwin

Board member
"Communication is an element of transformation and from there we want to contribute together with our volunteers to the construction of a better world."

(Español) Teresa Rey

(Español) Vocal
(Español) “Conectamos a personas que buscan generar un impacto positivo en su entorno”

(Español) Luis Martín

(Español) Vocal
(Español) “Ponemos el negocio al servicio de la sociedad, con el foco en las personas como verdadero motor de esa transformación”

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