Building a better world from the company

(Español) Patronato

María Cura

"Contributing to making LLYC's purpose and values a reality through the talent and capabilities of a team that feels a strong commitment to sustainability, democracy and social progress"

Thyago Mathias

"With talent, we prove that communication transforms society toward the model we seek: inclusive and plural"

María Esteve

"We have the responsibility and the desire to put our knowledge at the service of the world we inhabit and its well-being."

Carlos LLanos

"Talent and expertise devoted convincingly to enhancing the potential of others or improving their environments."

Francisco Aylwin

"Communication is an element of transformation and from there we want to contribute together with our volunteers to the construction of a better world."

Teresa Rey

"We connect people who seek to generate a positive impact in their environment"

Luis Martín

"We put the business at the service of society, with the focus on people as the true engine of transformation"

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