Global Project

Future Voices II.
Training is Soft Skills for young people.

How to empower young people through communication skills

The second edition of the Future Voices project gives continuity to the LLYC Foundation’s commitment to help young people from all the countries in which we are present to develop communication skills so that they can take on their future careers with more confidence.

The objective that we pursue with the development of this project is to contribute to social change through communication, thus making our corporate purpose a reality. Through the training of this initiative, we provide young people from all over the world with the necessary resources and tools so that they can face their future with more confidence, thus generating a positive, measurable and direct impact in the face of the same global challenge linked to SDG 4, “Quality education”.

In 2021, the 10 participating offices trained young people, adapting to the temporal and circumstantial needs of each participating social partner. Thanks to this project, we have trained young people in topics such as: building the message, the correct handling of non-verbal language and techniques to build a successful storytelling.

Undoubtedly, these results are the result of the commitment and passion of the more than 70 volunteers who made the project possible, managing to train around 200 young people from 10 different countries.

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