The LLYC Foundation closes 2022 by spreading hope through solidarity initiatives.

Implementation of solidarity initiatives to help people in vulnerable situations.

During the month of December, for the third consecutive year, LLYC Foundation has launched solidarity initiatives for LLYCERS to get involved in a social action that awakens their most caring side.

With the aim of improving the lives of people in vulnerable situations, 210 volunteers from all our operations have collaborated with 13 associations to which they have donated food, toys, clothes, school supplies and other materials, thus spreading hope and happiness to those who need it most.

Find out how each operation has contributed:

Argentina: In the Buenos Aires office, 43 volunteers collected toys, clothes, food and books to deliver to the Amigos En La Calle association, an entity dedicated to helping people living on the streets.

Barcelona: In Barcelona, our volunteers joined the Food Bank’s solidarity initiative for the second consecutive year. They donated food that was delivered to social organizations to be distributed to people in vulnerable situations.

Brazil: Volunteers in Brazil donated 80 basic food baskets to the Parque Miami community in Santo André, a neighborhood where the inhabitants live in extremely vulnerable situations.

Chile: In Chile, volunteers delivered toys to 29 children with disabilities and victims of abuse from the Coanil Foundation who are part of the Reparation for Severe Abuse (PRM) program.

Colombia: Volunteers in Colombia delivered hygiene kits to women from Acción Interna Foundation, who are deprived of their liberty in the La Modelo prison in Bogota.

Ecuador: In Ecuador, volunteers delivered warm clothes, food and kitchen utensils to Abuelitos de la Calle Foundation, an NGO that works to improve the lives of elderly people living in extreme poverty in Quito.

Madrid: 15 senior volunteers from the Madrid office became the Three Wise Men for the children of Soñar Despiertos Foundation, making their letters come true. Junior volunteers held a creativity workshop for 20 young people from Capacis Foundation. The initiative was brought to a close with a session in which Capacis Foundation told us about its work and how we can be empathetic in our work environment.

Mexico: Volunteers from the Mexico office delivered toys and warm clothes to the Contagiando Voluntad association.

Panama: Volunteers also accompanied patients at the National Oncology Institute for the second year, handing out healthy snacks and warm clothing. They also donated clothes and non-perishable foodstuffs to the Dreams Panama Foundation.

Lisbon: 35 volunteers from Lisbon donated non-perishable food, milk and baby products to the Ajuda de Berço association.

USA: In Miami, volunteers collaborated with the Lotus House shelter, delivering food to benefit young people and women in vulnerable situations.

Thanks to all the volunteers for their participation and involvement in providing humanitarian aid.


More than 200 volunteers have contributed to spreading hope and improving the lives of vulnerable groups.

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