Robots for mass COVID-19 testing

The citizen initiative to make unique projects a reality.

CovidRobots is an important civil society initiative advocated at the beginning of March 2020 by five professionals from different areas of knowledge, including our colleague Sandra Figaredo from the Public Affairs area.

This team has collated scientific and technical talent, logistical and administrative capacity with the essential contribution of several companies and the collaboration of public entities, all with one goal: to save lives with PCR diagnosis. To this end, robotic stations have been brought to Spain to automate tasks in the processing of PCR samples.

In the processing of PCR samples, achieving an exponential increase in the performance of these tests and, therefore, in the detection of the disease.Thanks to the devotion of many people, companies and institutions, 17 hospitals have been equipped with 185 of these robots, which are essential in the fight against the pandemic. From Foundation LLYC, we have helped the initiative with volunteers from the company in the coordination and dissemination of this project.


The project has generated a huge number of impacts in both written and digital press

“This project has managed to excite many people, but above all has managed to unite and demonstrate that in this team we are capable of anything”

Sandra Figaredo
Foundation LLYC Volunteer

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