Future Voices IV. Inspiring social change in young people through communication.

Make a positive impact on the lives of young people in vulnerable situations through communication tools and soft skills.

The fourth edition of Future Voices project, run by LLYC Foundation, has concluded successfully, helping transform the lives of 594 at-risk young people across 12 countries worldwide🌍

Over 120 LLYCERS generously contributed their time and effort as volunteers to make this initiative a success. As a result, the participants of Future Voices learned valuable communication tools and soft skills that will empower them to face their future with greater confidence and help improve their present reality.

This edition stands out for its global impact, with a 96% increase in participants and a 17% increase in the number of volunteers. Additionally, this edition has introduced digital tools and new communication and expression skills to the participants.

For this project, the LLYC Foundation brought together 15 social organizations from 12 countries: Fundación Cimientos (Argentina), Noix por Noix (Brazil), Fundación Cerro Navía Joven (Chile), Fundación Alquería Cavelier (Colombia), Fundación Nuestros Jóvenes (Ecuador), Fundación Exit (Barcelona and Madrid, Spain), Fundación Iter (Madrid, Spain), Fundación Plaza de los oficios (Madrid), Fundación EDUCA (Mexico), Kantaya (Peru), Fundación TAC (Panama), Associação Raízes (Portugal), Academia La Javilla (Dominican Republic) and Fundación MIRA USA (Miami, United States).

Since its launch, Future Voices has benefited almost 1,400 young people from 49 social organizations worldwide. Over the course of the four editions of the initiative, 407 volunteers from the consulting firm have dedicated part of their time to inspire social change among young people in vulnerable situations.





120 LLYCERS volunteered their time and expertise to empower 594 young people in vulnerable situations across all 12 countries where we operate.

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