Doors of Hope: art to make violence against the LGBTIQ+ community visible.

Visibilize violence experienced by the LGBTQ+ community in Mexico and raise funds for the generation of safe spaces.

From LLYC Foundation, in collaboration with the Casa Frida shelter and the renowned Hilario Galguera Gallery, we present the project ‘Doors of Hope’ in an effort to provide a space of visibility and support to the experiences of LGBTIQ+ people.

More than 2,030 cases of discrimination and violence have been reported against this community in Mexico in the last 3 years. ‘Doors of Hope’ makes visible the resilience, courage, and effort of community members who were forced to leave their homes, offering an artistic reinterpretation of their experiences.

At the heart of the project is a series of works created by seven prominent artists, who have collaborated with members of the LGBTIQ+ community from Casa Frida to reinterpret their resilience stories using doors—symbolizing those that were closed in their homes and those that have opened—as canvases. Casa Frida is a non-profit organization providing protection and comprehensive support to individuals from the community fleeing extreme violence, youths expelled from their homes due to their sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, including people with HIV and other key populations, as well as survivors of efforts to change sexual orientation and gender identity (ECOSIG).

The exhibition brings together a selection of national and international artists including: Denisse Noriega (Mexico), Alexis Martínez (Mexico), Issa Salliander (Sweden), Bárbara Lázara (Mexico), Daniel Dugan (United States), Yupica (Japan) and Israel González (Mexico).

Each artist contributed their unique perspective and talent to bring to life the stories of Abril, José, Greta, Nikky, Ángel, Diane, and Andrés, where the intervened doors are a representation of those that were closed to them at home, those they left behind, and those that have opened along their path thanks to Casa Frida in their search for authenticity. The art pieces will be available for purchase, and the funds raised will be donated to the LGBTIQ+ shelter Casa Frida to continue creating more safe spaces.

‘Doors of Hope’ is a call to reflection and solidarity with those who have faced challenges on their path to authenticity and acceptance.

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38 LLYC professionals have participated as volunteers with the objective of generating safe spaces for the entire LGBTIQ+ community in Mexico.

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