Education Initiative

LLYCxlaEducación II.

Sharing Knowledge and culture

The LLYC Foundation has joined the celebration of the International Day of Education, with the aim of sharing knowledge and culture through the launch of the second edition of the #LLYCxlaEducación cultural challenge.

#LLYCxlaEducación is an initiative that we launched from the social media profiles of the LLYC Foundation to encourage our volunteers to recommend those books, movies, podcasts, art, trips or experiences that have inspired them with the aim of creating a chain of knowledge and culture and enjoy reading together.

The second edition of the challenge was a success. See the recommendations of our volunteers below:

  • What books did you recommend?
  • What movies did you recommend?
  • What podcast did you recommend?


Around 50 recommendations and interactions in 24 hours through our social media around the world to recommend books, movies, trips and experiences.

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