Proyecto Global

Future Voices.
Communication skills for a better future

How to empower minors at risk of social exclusion

Being conscious of the difficulties that young people face and knowing the importance of communication in in their development. This brought about Foundation LLYC´s first global project, to help minors without resources in all of the countries where we work to develop communication skills that help them transform into future leaders. 

The objective that we pursue is through innovative models, contributing to social change through communication, making our corporate purpose a reality. Future voices entails a challenge which we are able to join, supporting our expertise, concretely, through the reinforcement of soft skill techniques linked to the communication of young people, we look for generating a measurable positive impact, scalable and straightforward towards a global challenge of various years.

To carry out the project, we joined forces with different social entities in the different countries where the project was developed, such as Fundación Cimientos (Argentina), Christel House (México), Fundación Pere Tarrés (Barcelona), Fundación Magnolia (Colombia), LAB XXI (Ecuador), Fundación Tomillo (Madrid), Niña Valiente (Perú), Transición a la Vida (Panamá), Associação Cova do Mar (Portugal) y Fundación la Merced (República Dominicana).

"Being able to participate as a project leader in the first global project of the LLYC Foundation has been a tremendously enriching experience. The volunteers have been able to transmit all their enthusiasm and dedication to the children who have finished the project empowered and more confident for the future".

Julia Ortega
Foundation LLYC project leader

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