Rede Proteção Solidária.
Production of protective masks during the pandemic

Desarrollo de canales sociales para dar visibilidad a la iniciativa.

Rede Proteção Solidária focuses its efforts on the production of protective masks in Brazil.

This network is the result of the association of professionals from the Instituto de Ortopedia y Traumatología del Hospital das Clínicas, along with various educational institutes that have contributed to the production and montage. Furthermore, the spirit of solidarity has also made it possible for this initiative to count with the voluntary participation of professionals from diverse areas, such as medics, engineers, educators, journalists, designers, and of course the donation of resources that made the production possible. 

From Foundation LLYC, we have been able to form part of this project thanks to our volunteers in Brazil, helping in the creation of the web page and social profiles, with the objective of raising awareness on the project.

"Being part of this project has been a great opportunity to join in the fight against COVID-19 at a local level and to support healthcare professionals during this time. We must not forget that our collaboration is nothing more than an exercise in empathy".

Adriano Pereira
Project leader and volunteer of Foundation LLYC

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