CALICANTO Foundation

CAPTA Project.
Formation collaboration with ie university through their masters in visual and digital media.

Online training sessions for women at risk of social exclusion.

Founded in 1994, the Calicanto Foundation is a benchmark in Panama in the development of social programmes and actions that promote the empowerment of women, the economic autonomy of communities and the reduction of inequalities.

Thanks to their programme CAPTA which provides many women at risk of social exclusion with the chance  to improve their lives and their communities, through psycho-emotional tools in order to face a new reality, including Emotional Intelligence workshops, Communication in virtual settings and resilience, among others. 

So far, the CAPTA programme has certified 50 student promotions, which have helped a total of 1,516 women.

Our team of volunteers in Foundation LLYC in Panama had the opportunity to be part of the CAPTA programme for 2 months, helping more than 100 panamanian women in the development of social and emotional skills through 4 online formations.

  1. Identidad Digital para la Nueva Era, impartido por Giuliana Venutolo, Directora del área Digital y Consumer Engagement en LLYC Panamá.
  2. Keys to create a curriculum without experience, using the tool Canva, Nelsaryth González, Consultant from the Consumer Engagement area at LLYC Panama.
  3. Work interviews: Keys to leaving a good impression, by Manuel Domínguez, Director of LLYC Panama.
  4. How to strengthen businesses with Instagram, by Giuliana Venutolo, Directora of the Digital and Consumer Engagement areas from LLYC Panama.

A project marked by the big welcoming and excitement of all of the women from Foundation Calicanto who were able to participate in these projects.

“An excellent opportunity of help, thanks to the expertise of our volunteers, we have been able to contribute to improving the situation of many women, collaborating in their formation and personal growth”

Blanca Navarro
Project leader y volunteer of FOUNDATION LLYC.

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