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Plan for friends.
A change of wardrobe in solidarity

"Plan de Amigas": Two projects, one goal

Taking advantage of the usual change of wardrobes that occurs between seasons, at the LLYC Foundation we carried out the “Solidarity Wardrobe Change” initiative, in which, with the help of all the Firm’s employees, we managed to collect more than 400 items of clothing -mostly women’s clothing, although we do have some male and children’s clothing.

The initial idea was to donate these clothes to an organisation that needed them, but the success of the event and the huge participation of our teams led us to develop a second phase of the project, which was much more ambitious, creative and eye-catching.

At a time when pop-up shops, showrooms and second-hand shops are all the rage, we decided to formulate a different “Girl Plan” aimed at supporting one of our main groups: women at risk of social exclusion.

The aim behind this project was to donate high quality clothes with full dignity, offering an unforgettable experience to women at risk of social exclusion with a “girls plan” that makes them feel beautiful and important for a day in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.


Thanks to this project we managed to help 124 women and 24 children through 6 foundations. In addition, 6 companies collaborated with us to make this day amongst girls a reality.

"I didn't think the sunglasses booth would be such an important stop on the Plan de Amigas. For many women, sunglasses are a way to show the world their style, their elegance, and their confidence. But for many others it can also be a perfect accessory to hide their tears, anger or sadness. That afternoon, a woman asked me to give her "the biggest and blackest glasses she had to hide her face". I froze for a moment. She was a beautiful woman but her eyes were filled with heartbreaking pain. "Why don't you try on these round, fashionable purple glasses," I said. They were daring even for me, but this woman needed colour and joy on the outside, to give her the strength to carry on on the inside. When she saw her reflection, her first reaction was to be startled. She looked at herself slowly, cautiously, then flirtatiously, and as I assured her that they looked perfect on her, I saw her crack a small smile. "I haven't felt so beautiful in a long time," she said. And she hugged me and thanked me. "I didn't do anything," I thought. As I watched her walk away, holding her glasses in her hands as if they were a treasure, I realised that perhaps this object was her charm to move forward and look at the next stage of her life with new eyes. Then I was the one with the smile on my face".

Patricia Ariño
Foundation LLYC Volunteer

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