SM Foundation

SM Foundation: training for young educators of the “Aula go”.

Masterclass and personalized mentoring in communication and public speaking skills so that young people reach their maximum potential

“Aula GO” is a project of the SM Foundation which offers young Ibero-Americans between the ages of 18 and 25 the opportunity to transform “school” through the creation of innovative learning environments adapted to the challenges of global citizenship.

Its development was based on a challenge in which young people, who are training in educational professions, made a proposal to the SM Foundation. The winners had the opportunity to receive a series of training sessions and experiences in an educational center in Madrid to put their ideas into practice. The project had an international scope focused on Spanish-speaking countries.

Our participation in Aula “GO” responds to the LLYC Foundation’s commitment to promoting education and equip young people with the tools and resources necessary for them to reach their full potential.

Along this line, we trained 18 young people from 9 countries in communication and public speaking skills through a masterclass in which they learned about the keys to a good structure in their speech in preparation for the presentation of their educational proposal.

Subsequently, our volunteers from Madrid, Argentina and Panama held mentoring sessions with each of the participants to answer their questions and give them feedback regarding their communication skills in the defense of their project.

“Aula GO” has been a project marked by the enthusiasm of young people who have a special interest in generating a change in education and that the outstanding work of the SM Foundation has allowed us to be part of.

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