Fernando Pombo Foundation

The right to a second chance.
A guide to the Second Chance Law

To make the work carried out by the team of lawyers available to society in an attractive and easily accessible way.

The Fernando Pombo Foundation, which promotes the collaboration of Pro Bono lawyers with social entities that are experts in assisting this group of women, identified an absolutely essential issue to empower them: providing them with help to get out of permanent debt and thus have a “second chance”.

This project has resulted in the preparation of a unique legal guide to the possible applications of the Second Chance Law for Individuals, whose objective is that foundations, NGOs and entities that work with women at risk of social exclusion, as well as lawyers handling their cases, should be aware of the different alternatives provided by this Law, to enable these people to get out of the circle of debt that prevents them from rebuilding their lives.

Once this new Guide to the Second Chance Law had been drafted, the Fernando Pombo Foundation contacted the LLYC Foundation to request collaboration in its dissemination. They also expressed two concerns: they wanted to make this knowledge freely available to all those who could benefit from it but, at the same time, they wanted to safeguard copyright and to explain and safeguard all the collaborative work behind it. In addition, they needed help in the design of the guide, to make it more attractive.

Thus, after months of teamwork between Pro Bono lawyers from the Fernando Pombo Foundation and social entities (led by María José Paz-Ares, Partner and litigation lawyer at Gómez-Acebo y Pombo, and Andrea Rodríguez Nistal, lawyer at the same firm who drafted the Guide), it was time to communicate it and for this purpose, the LLYC Foundation carried out the following communication actions:

  • Design and layout of the guide to make it more eye-catching.
  • Design of a website of the Guide, where you can download and read some comments from experts about it. The aim of this website is to highlight all the work done by the team of lawyers and to keep a better control of the use of the guide.
  • Advice on the organisation of the presentation event on 22 November, on the occasion of the International Day against Gender Violence (25N). The event was opened by the former Government Delegate for Gender Violence and Director of Studies of the Congress of Deputies, Blanca Hernández Oliver, and was attended by entities working with these groups, lawyers and political representatives from the areas of equality.


The project event was attended by 61 people; 150 people attended the training day on "legal aspects of gender violence" organised together with the Directorate General for Women of the Community of Madrid; 100 copies of the Guide were distributed; 53 copies of the Guide were downloaded online.

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