Christmas Solidarity Actions.

Initiation of solidarity actions to help vulnerable groups.

During the month of December support actions were launched  in the majority of operations where Foundation LLYC is present. With the objective of contributing to an improvement in the lives of the most vulnerable groups in different communities. Find out how every country has contributed:

Spain: Madrid and Barcelona once again joined Fundación Soñar Despierto’s gift-giving operation. This foundation distributes Christmas letters from children in shelters, so that volunteers commit to making the wishes of these children’s letters come true. 

Panama: Donated gifts for children who are in the process of being adopted and/or at risk of social exclusion in the provinces of San Miguelito and Chiriquï, together with the Dreams Panama Foundation.

Bogotá: In Bogotá, volunteers decided to donate school equipment (backpacks, notebooks, paints, pencils, etc.) for children with limited resources from the Pocalana Foundation. Thus providing 175 children with basic materials for their education.

Brazil: From LLYC São Paulo, 30 volunteers have collaborated with Lar da Criança Ninho de Paz and Casa Lar Maria Paola by donating hygiene products, clothes and Christmas gifts. 

Chile: In Chile, 10 volunteers collaborated with Corporación de Amigos HRR, an organisation that provides shelter to families with children in hospitals, by donating household appliances and kitchen items for the shelter. 

Portugal: Our volunteers in Lisbon collaborated with VilacomVida in the organisation and dissemination of a charity Christmas Concert, with the aim of raising funds to open the new space “Com Vida”.


In total more than 115 volunteers had joined in to spread hope and contribute to the improvement of the lives of the most vulnerable groups in their community.

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